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Q: Does ENG Digital sell out-right LED screens?

A: Yes, ENG Digital sells LED screens.

Q: How much does an out-right LED screen of regular size cost?

A: An out-right LED screen of standard resolution from a reputable European Manufacturer for a regular size(6m height by 8m length)…

Q: Does ENG Digital rent out the LED boards? What are the possibilities of using the rental LEDs?

A: Yes, it will be rented out for special needs if available. Can be used for Leisure events like music concerts, equestrian…

Q: What is the rental charges, the size of the board and the support from ENG Digital?

A: All inclusive charge for a day is Dhs.25,000- [3m x 4m approximately per board]. ENG Digital staff will be on vigil for the…

Q: What is the cycle of the hotel adverts?

A: The loop cycle is 10 minutes