Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

ENG Digital supplies a wide range of interactive touch screens known for their robust digital signage technology. Touch screens are available in sizes from 10” to 65”, with a choice of SAW and optical imaging touch technologies.

We use Macromedia Flash to provide a user interface for touch screens. Provision had been made for a custom written software application that will interface with the user’s (shopping mall, hospital, airport, bus station etc) mainframe computer systems to extract the information required to produce a database of the client’s schematic and way points.

A customer can search for shops and facilities within the complex and receive location details, directions and supplemental information. Promotional videos and presentations can be attached to the locations and played back to the customer. For example, upon finding the Nike Golf shop, the customer can view a presentation from Nike of their latest offers.

The system records customer searches and responses for later analysis. From the recorded, interactive data the client’s operators can determine how the overall traffic can be streamlined. For example, improved signage can be provided to help customers to find the popular shops or stores that are more difficult to locate.

Each interactive touch screen incorporates the same custom electronics found in our digital signage system and parts can be interchanged between the two systems.