Support Services

Due to the fact that ENG Digital’s software is not ‘off the shelf’ we are able to tailor it to each client’s specific needs. This is a little more difficult to achieve with majority of competing companies on the market. Each Set Top Box is equipped with feedback capabilities, informing staff and management of any faults in the connectivity or software at each and every site.

Faults can occur during thunderstorms, power cuts, sand squalls, but more often than not, a cleaner has pulled the power cord and not replaced it. 

Within 60 minutes and without any interruption to the advertising loop playing on the screens, a message is sent back to the control room as well as certain management mobile phones that a certain site is failing to communicate. Our dedicated service team is then informed immediately and personnel are sent to that site to solve the problem.

Office Infrastructure

We are able to utilize the experience of partners, one proven expert and long standing member of the advertising community in the Middle East and the other a dedicated and innovative software developer that has been designing solutions for the last twelve years.

ENG Digital has at its disposal the use of a very large and well equipped editing facility with full time editing personnel. 

We have our own dedicated professional engineering and electronic engineers on hand at each installation who are able to handle all wiring and logistical scopes of work.

We have over seven dedicated design staff that will handle any modular adjustment to the screens that need to be fitted into certain situations and décor that each individual case may involve.

We have dedicated staff to make sure what is running through the screens at each outlets is what it should be.

Quality Management is handled partly by the management before sending to a particular site. This is done so as not to put offensive material through the screens, and also to watch for sensitive issues that may offend local laws and culture.

To ensure that the quality of each video/ graphic is DVD quality, each Set Top Box in the field is equipped with software that will not allow inferior quality to be played.

Advice Consultation

Upgrades and Advice

Due to rapidly advancing wave of technology, by using ENG Digital’s technology you will not be left floundering in the water once the wave hits.

We are constantly upgrading our software, of which are passed onto our loyal customers. 

The majority of our upgrades are the result of talking to our customers and finding out if they have any suggestions for improvement to their existing system.

ENG Digital’s system software and hardware has been developed by professionals based on the personal needs of individual customers.