Communication is all about creating dialogues and good communication needs to be persuasive, rational yet highly effective.

ENG (Emirates Neon Group) is one of the leading visual communications and media solutions company in the Middle East and we are committed to delivering a comprehensive range of product and services that includes the creation, installation and maintenance of a host of visual communications media; from retail signage to digital advertising, from broadcast and print media to outdoor signage, from the planning of way- finding systems to interior and architectural design, and from brand creation to web design and online solutions. ENG offers a single point of contact for virtually all your communication needs.

With a finger right on the pulse of the latest developments in design and manufacturing, we are able to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our customers, developing simple, manageable solutions to meet their specific requirements. Our desire to pre-empt the needs of our clients has lead us to establishing offices in Asia, East Africa, Europe, GCC and North Africa.