Custom Fabrication


This is the support division for our traffic signs and other manufacturing sections. Some of the main work of this division involves the fabrication of heavy metallic structures, mostly overhead gantries for various big road projects. This division caters for a large variety of steel and aluminium works.

The scope of this division is considerable. It covers the fabrication and erection of heavy steel structures weighing several tons, while also including the fabrication of stainless steel balustrades, aluminium grills and other aluminium works weighing just over a few hundred kilograms.

Fabrication Facilities

Our plant is furnished with equipment and machinery recommended by 3M in the USA – a leading supplier of innovative solutions to numerous markets and a name synonymous across the world with the use of outstanding technologies, high quality performance and great value. A skilled computer aided design (CAD) section is responsible for the processing of Scotchilite reflective material.

Highly sophisticated plotter cutters and processing equipment are used to produce all types of retro-reflective traffic signs and safety signs. While silk screen printing facilitates the production of traffic signs, multicoloured fascias, self-adhesive emblems, advertisements, give-away promotions and various commercial graphics.