Metal Casting & Fabrication


This division was established to provide specialty architectural products for palaces, villas and buildings, plus other public and private spaces. ENG Industries designs products from various new perspectives, focusing on maximizing high-volume productivity, increasing strength and durability, promoting ease of installation and enhancing aesthetic appearance. We have a dedicated plant designed and built to house state-of-the-art roll-forming, metal processing and powder coating equipment and we are now the largest and prime manufacturers of these products in UAE. 

We have successfully produced reliable, comprehensive solutions in ornamental aluminium works. We specialize in ornamental iron fences, cast alloy railings, cast metal rail components, gates, balconies, building components, balusters, newel posts, fence posts and garden tables, chairs and benches and we manufacture various products, including large, decorative, architectural patterns which are highly durable and non-corrosive, such as minarets or decorative columns.

Casting Methods

At ENG Industries, our in-house aluminium foundry enables us to cast a variety of products using the following methods: 

Gravity die casting
This technique is employed when the casting quantity is large and repetitive and the component weights are of average size. It yields a high quality of surface finish and, when produced under professional supervision using state-of-the-art die designs, die casting machinery equipment and proper alloying, it also yields the highest strength cast aluminium alloy. The mould is manufactured from either hot die steels or from cast iron. 

Gravity sand casting
This is the ideal economic process when the quantity being cast is lower and the weight of the cast component is very high. For this process, patterns are manufactured from wood, plastic, gypsum or metal, depending on the complexity of the design. Specially prepared green sand or synthetic resins are used to prepare the mould.