ENG Media

Embedding brands in lifestyles

ENG Media can embed your brand into your customers’ lifestyle, thanks to great media planning, advertising sales, UAE radio channel communications and advertising campaigns with leading media affiliates.

Your customers are always on the move: driving, shopping, learning, socialising, working, pursuing interests. So where’s the best place to reach them—and when, and how?

ENG Media can plan and manage a 360º advertising campaign across all media, including television, UAE radio channels and print. Our experienced teams offer expert media planning, and work closely with radio stations and other media affiliates to deliver advertising campaigns that work. While our publishing division offers great opportunities to target specific markets.

Our skilful media planning department negotiate with advertising sales teams to secure you the best advertising slots on the most important networks, and our media consultancy services help you to achieve the most successful advertising campaigns at the best price. 

ENG acquired the following companies some of the best advertising space, within the UAE. Through in-depth planning companies such as Max Media, Coast FM, Channel V and Neo Sport are now evident in the most prominent positions. 

Talk to ENG Media about all of these services, plus broadcast network advertising, event marketing, and conference management requirements.