iQ delivers everything UAE men need to know to get more out of life. With a strong focus on style, iQ is the region’s first high-end magazine catering directly for a male audience. iQ's editorial team from around the globe, brings you the very best of the very best - in terms of style, sport, news, current affairs, technology and more! Men in the UAE crave a magazine to call their own, and iQ is satisfies that hunger. 



BH&W is the first magazine for the UAE’s beauty, health and wellness industry.

Well-researched content, from informative industry news and in-depth features, to new products and expert opinions, to the latest techniques and advice on how to better their businesses are some of the topics covered in this monthly.

The beauty, health and wellness industries in the UAE are flourishing, with Dubai in particular experiencing accelerated growth in line with the Emirate’s booming population and economy.  Over the next few years, the Middle East is set to become one of the most popular and progressive spa destinations in the world (for more information, download BH&W’s Media Pack). Professionals in this burgeoning but intensely competitive market are constantly on the lookout for that product or strategy that will give them an edge in their search for happy customers.

With so much opportunity, companies supplying products and services to those within the beauty, health and wellness sectors need a plaform to specifically target key decision makers. BH&W is that platform.


Media Week ME

Published by ENG Media, Media Week ME has brought together a talented team of experienced editors, journalists and columnists, who are committed to producing a magazine that will become a trusted and essential, weekly, industry read.  Media Week ME meets the demands of this sophisticated and demanding audience by combining attractive, functional, design with smart, lively copy—the magazine’s unyielding promise is to be as engaging as it is informative and to give a voice to the people that count. The bulk of its insights, ideas and strategies come from industry players.

Our aim is twofold. We want to be the home of news, analysis and discussion for the Middle East’s media and marketing communications industry. We also want to create a new standard in business publishing: sharp, bright and engaging. Reading a business title should not be a chore.