Why Choose Bridge Banners?

The first ever bridge banner in UAE was installed for HSBC for a month long campaign by ENG Outdoor in 1999 and from then on, the media caught the fancy of advertisers.

The municipal tax for advertising was charged at Dhs 2,400 per month.

The campaign was extended at a municipal tax of Dhs 4,200 per month.

By the 3rd month, the municipality has raised the municipal tax to Dhs 10,000 per month.

Bridge advertising gained momentum nevertheless with a host of blue chip clients innovating with the media followed by govt depts and others in the private sector.

It reached a stage where Govt depts enjoyed the monopoly on this medium due to lack of advertising fees for all govt dept at the dismay of private clients.

In a bid to increase advertising tax revenues and bring more partiality, the Municipality decided to tender all the locations they had to the highest bidders.

In Feb 2003, The Municipality announced a public tender where they packaged A, B and C category bridges together in various packages and put to tender.

In lieu of grabbing this brilliant advertising medium on prime location, companies over-priced their tenders and quoted steep in order to get this.

Bridge Banners now attract a lot of attention wherever they are installed and especially more so, in areas of high vehicular traffic and denser consumer areas.