Digital Outdoor Mediums

Whether you want a single, digital sign or dozens networked together for multiple locations; Plasma and LED screens offer the ability to tailor your communications with up-to-the-minute, location-appropriate information, targeting very specific segments of your market.

Electronic (LED) Billboards

LED boards are the latest innovation in outdoor communication. They deliver clear, information at a glance in areas of dense traffic, public spaces and terminals. They provide interactive displays and real-time video feeds for advertising products, events and sports in the largest possible screen format. Our LED boards display high resolution imagery; 160° wide-angle view and colour control video.

ENG Outdoor has been quick to realize the potential of this effective marketing tool in reaching out to people on the move and we have many LED boards spread strategically across the UAE in key locations.Our LED boards are placed in areas with wide-angle viewing and high traffic counts and where a strong cross section of consumer segments is reachable.

Mobile Electronic (LED) Displays

We also have mobile LED screens that can be used for entertainment shows, sporting events and outdoor publicity. The boards, which can be set up in a few hours, can display digital feeds with very high resolution and brightness. These screens are used across the world to display live events and have been used innovatively with various executions.