Large Scale Outdoor Mediums

Oversized images are ideal for brand building and product awareness. Most importantly, they help to communicate the emotion that characterizes your company’s products and services. Our range of large-format solutions include unipoles (billboards), bridge banners, wall banners, scaffolds and rooftops, offering a wide selection of hard-hitting options to choose from. 

Billboards are typically made to a standard size of 14’ x 48’, with an average exposure of five to eight seconds at various strategic locations. Some brands book all three sides of a Tri-O-Vision, along with a neon sign on top of the hoarding to create complete ownership of the site.

Bridge Banners

Bridge banner.jpg

ENG has the highest number of Bridge Banners in the Region. Bridge banners are great for ensuring high visibility and come in a variety of sizes.

ENG was awarded the exclusive rights to the bridges in Sharjah and we also have the best bridge banner locations in UAE.




Rooftops are billboards mounted on the top of buildings.

ENG boasts 70% of the market share of rooftop advertising space in the UAE and has presence in all corners of the Region, including numerous locations across UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.



There is no other media that can match the awe, size and power of Scaffolds. These humongous structures are perfect for bringing your brand to life.

The mere size of the structure guarantees attention from a mesmerised audience. Scaffolds are one of the most effective of mediums to enhance your brand exposure and ensure top of mind recall.

ENG offers the best and most influential Scaffold sites available in the UAE. We have the maximum number of Scaffolds, including three on various interchanges on Sheikh Zayed Road; one opposite the Mall of Emirates and two near JAFZA. We also own the biggest Scaffold in the whole of the UAE



Unipoles are enduringly popular with advertisers and can be of various types including static, backlit or front-lit. Located on top of 30-foot high poles on the highways and main carriageways throughout the UAE, they help to ensure maximum impact. These sites are externally illuminated in most cases and are often also lit internally with fluorescent lights. ENG Outdoor uses the latest print technology to reproduce stunning graphics and pictures, helping your brand communicate and reinforce its image.

ENG commands 80% of unipoles in the UAE, spread across a variety of locations. Some of our prime locations include exclusive spots from Ist Interchange to Gantoot on Sheikh Zayed road (the business hub of the region). We also have prime locations in DXB (Gharoud, Maktoum, Shindaga, Dxb-Shj Road and AlMulla – the Ghusais, Jafza and Gantoot area) as well as locations in Sharjah, ADH, Ajman, UAQ and Fujairah.


Window Graphics

Wall Banners are digital prints on flex-face, installed on prominent building fascias. They are strategically positioned on buildings where there is high visibility and can be front-lit or backlit. Most of our wall banners are vertical but we also own some that are block shaped.


Building Wraps

Building wraps transform your building into a marketing sensation.  They have eye-catching designs combined with strong colors create a powerful visual impact. These banners are an affordable mean of conveying your message to multiple audiences. Their  versatility makes them a perfect medium for just about any message.