Transit Mediums

Taxis, buses and mobile trucks are all highly effective means of delivering your messages to a specific location at a specific time. Hard to miss when properly branded, transit media is an increasingly important element in the marketing mix.

About Transit

Vehicle advertising is one of the most popular forms of outdoor media in developed markets such as Europe and the United States. Taxis, buses and mobile trucks are used to deliver messages at specific locations at specific times, cost-effectively and at whatever frequency you choose. As bus routes in the city of Dubai cover the entire length and breadth of the city, messages on vehicles guarantee high levels of exposure and penetration every day. The options available, coupled with the sheer size of bus media, now provide an excellent opportunity to promote all manner of campaigns – be they launches, tactical promotions or just pure branding. By harnessing all the advantages of transit media advertising, you can maximise the impact for your brands through dynamic new opportunities to get noticed.

Dubai Taxis

Taxis, are a  highly effective mean of delivering your message to a wide audience across different areas throughout the city ..

It’s a moveable visual feast, giving your ad campaign presence on the streets, your target audience can’t miss!

Advertising opportunities on Dubai Transport taxis are available exclusively with ENG. We offer various packages and these taxis are great for highly effective exposure.