Point of Sale (POS) and Kiosks

Dynamically changing POS (Point of Sale) media and portable shops such as Kiosks not only make your products more appealing, leading to impulse sales, but they also make them easier to demonstrate. 

ENG Print is experienced in making the most attractive mall and ATM kiosks, while our POS products include shelf talkers and gondola branding, amongst a variety of other options. 

ATM Kiosks


ATM kiosks are generally used to convey information regarding product promotions or new product launches, and are targeted at customers who tend to use the machines for everyday transactions. As the kiosks are often installed at locations away from the branches, it becomes increasingly important to brand them periodically with product and service information to update clients.

Full-sized, drive-up kiosks situated at easily accessible locations around the city are used by most banks to facilitate any time any where service for all financial transactions. ATM kiosks can be branded with digital graphics to display the bank’s products and services, and these digitally printed graphics can be removed and replaced as and when new marketing campaigns are launched.

Most ATM kiosks are branded with digitally printed vinyl and illuminated boxes.

Features & Benefits

ENG uses the highest quality vinyl and translite prints and they are laminated to withstand extreme weather conditions.


Emirates Bank


Union National Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Mashreq Bank

Fiber Glass & Metal Flagpoles


A flag will project your company’s image from afar, guaranteeing to attract attention. Often, the first impression of a business is a flag and it offers high impact. Indeed, flags are an effective way to provide advanced notice regarding the new location of business premises. 

Flags and poles come as separate components. The fabric of the flag is printed on one side using a high resolution print, and a mirror image is then seen on the reverse. Screen printing achieves excellent color and sharpness, but flags can also be digitally printed with good results for urgent requirements.

Features & Benefits

Flags are installed using different fixtures, depending on the location. Clamps are used for bridges and a concrete base is used in locations with a level base. 

The flag poles are made from aluminum, G.I. pipes or fiber glass poles, and fixtures are added such as a rotating arm on the top and a solid weight support system.

The most popular sizes for flags are 4m x 1m and 3m x 1m.


Currently, flags are used on a large scale in the UAE market, with most construction companies, banks, shopping malls and multiple-outlet clothing companies flying flags.

Some popular uses are:

Sporting events (eg tournament or sponsors’ logos) 

Trade shows (eg booth identification and product representation)

Retail advertising (eg sales, new products and seasonal events)

Informational (eg hiring new staff or raising awareness of new ownership or management)

Team sports (eg soccer, baseball, basketball and hockey)

Community events (eg fairs, carnivals and rodeos)

Schools (eg fund raising and special events)


Trident Holdings (Dubai Marina)

RAK Properties

Splash (Amar Diab Show at Media City, Dubai)

Emirates Bank (branch opening at Ajman)

Bando Constructions (site Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai)

Desert Dream Real Estate (promotion at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai)

Mall Kiosks


Mall kiosks are one of the most practical advertising mediums in the present era. Structured like portable shops, they are placed in high traffic areas and, because they are simple to operate and support, make it easier to sell and demonstrate your products and services.

A retail kiosk exhibit must be a visually compelling representation of your company. It should also be functional and efficient. We offer custom design, fabrication and installation of state–of–the–art mall kiosks to help you to promote your company and/or sell products and services effectively.

Our kiosk will differentiate you from the competition and communicate your marketing messages directly to your target audience.


Mall kiosks can be used for:






Intermetal (exhibition stand in Dubai)

Afra Printing Press (exhibition at Airport expo, Dubai)

Aramex (exhibition at the World Trade Center, Dubai)

France Telecom (exhibition space at WTC Dubai)

Floor Graphics


Underfoot graphics can turn your floors into valuable marketing space. Durable floor graphics are particularly effective in retail merchandising, directing customers to specific products or nearby shelves in supermarkets. They also work well as a way of announcing an upcoming event or offering advertising space in an otherwise unused, yet high traffic, area with maximum visibility.

At ENG we have the right combination of base films and laminates to produce high performance floor graphics for environments ranging from high to low foot traffic and for long or short-term use. Our special laminates seal and protect the image while offering excellent slip resistance.

Features & Benefits

Floor graphics:

Are durable and long lasting 

Are attractive, innovative and eye catching

Have high abrasion resistance for high foot traffic applications or long-term installations.


Floor graphics can be used in: 

Gyms and fitness centers

Basketball and other sports courts and pitches





Shopping malls.


Splash Stores (Mall of the Emirates, Dubai)

Life Style Stores (Mall of the Emirates, Dubai)

Exhibition Stands, Displays & Graphics


At ENG, we understand the many benefits and opportunities that exhibitions offer and can help you to make the very most of your exhibition presence. 

With in–house printing and fabrication capabilities, we provide the widest range of exhibition stands for rental or purchase including modular displays, portable stands, pop-up displays, signage and banner stands. We are also able to introduce some movement into your stand, which increases the amount of attention attracted from potential visitors and buyers.

Our focus is to respond directly to your project needs, from professional project consulting, to the creation of the initial design, through to image proofing, on time product delivery and even updating and refreshing your stand as and when needed. At ENG, we are not looking for a quick sale, but an opportunity to build a relationship as your preferred visual communications and media solutions provider.


Aramex Courier Company

Afra Printing Press

France Telecom

POS Displays


Point-of-sale (POS) displays are often the vital final step in convincing a customer to make a purchase and, even more importantly, can attract customers to make unplanned, impulse buys. ENG brings together years of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to offer a wide range of highly creative and effective POS displays that can be tailored to meet your precise needs.

Types of POS Displays

Some examples of POS displays available include:

Gondola Branding

Gondola shelving is great for grocery stores, and convenience stores. It works great in beauty supply and most retail locations. Retail shelving comes in several colors, heights, and depths.

Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers are signs that appear alongside a specific item on the shelf. They can be very effective and are relatively low-cost to produce.


They can be used in the following locations:

Retail outlets

Checkout counters





Pocari Sweat (energy drink sold in retail outlets in UAE)

Ornamin C (energy drink sold in retail outlets in UAE

Barakat Foods (retail outlets in Dubai)

Coke (retail outlets in UAE)