ENG Signage

Consolidating your identity

ENG Signage offers a wide range of impressive signage options, including neon signs, Sign manufacturers, digital graphics, electronic message billboards, pedestrian signage, tradeshow displays and sign repair. 

They say that a business with no sign is a sign of no business, but we think a business with a bad sign can be worse. A good signmaker will project the right image for your business, manufacturing anything from small internal signs to large shop fronts and specialist custom-made signage.

ENG Signage has its roots in neon signs, but we now create every kind of sign for the world’s biggest brands—in acrylic, Braille, backlit neon, metal, illuminated, stone, vinyl, wood, Tri-O-Vision and much more. And our expert teams of signmakers will also maintain and repair signs. 

Talk to ENG Signage, the UAE’s leading signmaker, about neon signs, Sign manufacturers, digital graphics, sign repair or electronic message boards.


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