About Signage

ENG Signage was first established as Emirates Neon in 1976, with just 27 employees focusing on creating neon signs. Now a market leader in the Middle East signage industry, we deliver an enormously wide variety of tailored signage requirements, from small internal signs, to large shop fronts, to custom made signage for specialised corporate projects.

Each sign is conceived as a work of art and created to perfection, with the utmost care lavished on each detail. Every aspect – the graphics, the design specifications, the manufacturing process, the installation and final, on-site finishing – bears the mark of our professionalism, reflecting the quality standard that we have carefully built up over 30 years in the business.

We ensure long-term durability by making no compromises in terms of materials, technology or workmanship. Our designers, neon makers, electricians and craftsmen are thorough professionals, technically qualified to manufacture and install specialised signage, whether small or large, and to meet tight deadlines while delivering unbeatable value for money.