Cold Cathode Lighting & Signage


Cold cathode light is finding its way into nearly every aspect of life; be it for architectural excellence, for all of the flexibility in design options, longevity, brightness, colour and cool temperature. Cold cathode lights are often installed in coves where they provide indirect lighting for artistic effect or for quiet areas like alcoves and waiting rooms

A cold cathode light is a tubular light that works by passing an electrical current through a gas or vapour, much like neon lighting. Cold cathode lights can come in many sizes and colours, and there are many advantages over neon and fluorescent lighting.


  • Cold cathode lights do not get hot.
  • A cold cathode light is up to five times brighter than neon lighting, and it has one of the longest lives of any lighting fixture.
  • Cold cathode lights are ideal for architectural and design purposes.
  • The tubes can be curved to follow any exterior or interior design. Furthermore the unique butt-joint assembly housing allows the tubes to run in a continuous line, eliminating shadow effects.


  • Cold cathode tube normally comes in 18m to 30mm diameter.
  • Cold cathode lights take as little as 7.5 watts of electricity
  • Cold cathode lights are flicker-free.


Cold cathodes can be used in the various places, including

  • Departmental stores
  • Clubs
  • Malls
  • Art galleries
  • Hotels


We offer one year’s free maintenance for all illuminated signage supplied by ENG. At the end of the first year, clients can opt to extend our maintenance services by taking out an annual maintenance contract. Our maintenance division also specialises in providing after sales service for external, non-illuminated products.


  • Madinat Jumeriah Mall– Dubai
  • Murooj Rotana – 1st Interchange Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Al Fattan Towers – Dubai Marina, Dubai
  • Millennium Towers – Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Dhow Palace Hotel – Mankhool, Dubai
  • Burjman Shopping Centre – Burdubai, Dubai