Aluminium Composite Material Cladding

Aluminum Composite Material Cladding (ACM) is the latest technique employed in buildings. ACM allows building owners and architects to incorporate a design statement in their edifices.

Aluminium Signs

Aluminium is a lightweight, durable product with a baked enamel finish and is designed primarily for either short or long-term outdoor use.

Antique Effect Signage

Antique Effect Signage gives a traditional, mystical look to your image. The grandeur of an antique finish gives your company a look that sets you apart from the competition, ensuring that your company stands out in this extremely futuristic era.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting is the technique of using light fixtures to beautify and accentuate open spaces and buildings. Businesses such as restaurants and nightclubs make extensive use of such lighting to evoke the appropriate mood.

Architectural Signage

Architectural signage has three major components; exterior signs, directories, and interior signs.


An Awning is a light, detachable structure. A skin of fabric, or other relatively flexible material, usually acrylic, canvas, flexface or panaflex and is supported by a frame (fixed or retractable) and offers weather protection.

Backlit Neon Signs

Backlit neon signs are designed to attract attention, even while you sleep.

Braille Signage

Braille signs are way-finding signs with a difference. These signs are intended to make facilities accessible to the visually impaired people and have corresponding shapes of dots taken from the basic six dot Braille cell.

Custom Made Internal Signs

Custom made, internal signs can be etched and colour filled. Materials that are suitable for this treatment include glass, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, acrylic and bronze.

Directional Signs

We specialise in providing a complete selection of ADA-compliant directional and dimensional signage for your businesses.These are basically way finding signs, which guide people in the right direction.

Edge-lit Signs

These are custom made signs with a distinguishing look. They are illuminated with indirect lighting and are used for major brand signs within, for example, shops and shopping malls.

Flexface Signs

ENG is the leading flex-face sign maker in the region, delivering colours and imagery that last through years of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and dew.

Glass Internal Signs

ENG offers the finest in reverse painted glass signs and custom mirrors. We employ both traditional techniques and modern technology to create unique decorative glass signs and mirrors for your business.

Gold / Silver / Chrome / Bronze / Kynar-Coated Signage

Metal can be coated in Gold, Silver, Chrome, Bronze or Kynar to produce the desired look for your sign. As well as giving a decorative finish, coating gives a longer life and increases the cost-efficiency of signage. Coatings are applied chemically using some of the most advanced application technology available in the industry.


These signs have massive advantage over other sign systems. Although comparatively light, they are extremely strong and therefore resistant to vandalism and weathering. These signs have the ability to be molded into various shapes and sizes that could be cost prohibitive in other mediums, for example wood or metal.

Illuminated Letters

Over the years, ENG has designed, manufactured and installed numerous illuminated signs for various projects in the Middle East. Illuminated signs are more effective because each is highly customized to blend perfectly with the surroundings and meet all the needs of your business effectively.

Iron Mongery/ Wrought Iron Letters

Wrought Iron Signs are considered to be austere and timeless and are particularly effective when a simple design scheme is employed.

LED Illuminated Signs

As the field of communication grows, businesses are trying innovate new ways to attract and retain customers. On-site branding has become the most strategic tool for conveying your message to customers.

Modular Sign Systems

Sign design and placement must concentrate on the goal of providing optimally visible and legible information to the public. Both design and placement should assure that at the first read, and within 2-3 seconds, the viewer is aware of what you consider to be your most important message.

Multi–prism/Tri-O-Vision Signs

In the history of outdoor advertising, Tri-O-Visions stand out because of the ingenuity and economy of design. This particular medium allows for a greater punch as the advertiser has three chances to get the message across.

Neon Décor

Neon light is formed from glass tubes bent into specified shapes by trained glassworkers. The Decor can be of any colour and shape thus allowing maximum customisation to your image and decor.

Neon Signs

Neon signs still embody the classic undertone of mystique and hospitality and can communicate your company’s brand message effectively, directly to the people that matter most: your customers.

Pylons, Monoliths and Totems

Pylons give a ubiquitous image and a powerful look to your company. Solidly constructed, a pylon sign will project your company’s image from afar and are an effective way to provide advanced notice for a location of business premises. Often, the first impression of your business is a pylon sign offering high impact.

Slim Light Boxes

Slim light boxes are the latest in illuminated display technology and on- site signage. A slim aluminium profile, they can be illuminated with an ECFL (external cathode fluorescent tube) or LED: they are literally an illuminated poster frame.

Stainless Steel Letters

Stainless Steel is a very versatile material. It can literally be used for years and remain stainless, meaning that these products have a significantly longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs, it also has a very high scrap value on decommissioning.

Stone Signage & Concrete Works

Stone engraving artistry can be used to create a variety of stone signs and monument signs. At ENG, our staff are experts in the field of stone architecture, both design and installation, and stone masonry. We take pride in our ability to create, or recreate, objects of beauty.

Vacuum Moulded Signs

Vacuum moulded signs provide a deep dimensional look but are lightweight due to their hollow backs. They are easy to install and, with their crisp edges, offer an image of perfection.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl is the material best known for its long lasting ability and its durability against all sorts of weather conditions.

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs have been used since ancient times as a form of information and presentation. They are the epitome of grandeur and represent culture and heritage with subtle richness and depth.