Antique Effect Signage


Antique Effect Signage gives a traditional, mystical look to your image. The grandeur of an antique finish gives your company a look that sets you apart from the competition, ensuring that your company stands out in this extremely futuristic era.

These custom made signs give a unique, well-established look for a variety of internal signs. Metals such as brass, bronze, aluminum and copper can be given this finish by using antique finished paint, oxidized silver anodized paints or kynar coating.

Antique finished signs can be displayed in several ways:

  • Hanging or ceiling suspended.
  • Direct on the existing fascia using studs.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Glued.


Antique effect signs can be used in the various places, including:

  • Five star hotels.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Heritage areas.


  • Madinat Jumeirah Mall , Souk Madina, Dubai 
  • Conference Palace, Abu Dhabi
  • Kempenski, Ajman 
  • Ritz Carlton, Satwa &  Dubai 
  • Crystalline, Mercato Mall, Dubai
  • Kenza Art Gallery , Karama, Dubai