Architectural Lighting


Architectural lighting is the technique of using light fixtures to beautify and accentuate open spaces and buildings. Businesses such as restaurants and nightclubs make extensive use of such lighting to evoke the appropriate mood. 

There are three fundamental aspects to architectural lighting; the aesthetic appeal, the function, ie the way the lighting works around the space, and the energy efficiency, which assures that light is not wasted by over illumination. ENG combines these elements to form designs customised for every requirement, be it commercial or otherwise. 


Architectural lighting

  • Is highly weather and moisture resistant. 
  • Can be used outdoors. 
  • Can be easily adjusted to change the angle of illumination, enabling each individual light to create a variety of architectural effects, as desired.


Architectural lightings can be used in the following manner:

  • Spot lighting - calls attention to a notable object such as a statue, cornerstone, or body of water. 
  • Silhouetting - a large object such as a tree is backlit to emphasize its outline. 
  • Wall-washing - lights are focused on a building’s walls to highlight its textures. 
  • Moon lighting - a light fixture is streamed down from above to create the effect of moonbeams. Similar artistic effects can be achieved indoors.

Just some of the places where Architectural Lighting can be used are:

  •  Restaurants
  •  Retail shops
  •  Shopping Malls
  •  Offices


We offer one year’s free maintenance for all illuminated signage supplied by ENG. At the end of the first year, clients can opt to extend our maintenance services by taking out an annual maintenance contract. Our maintenance division also specialises in providing after sales service for external, non-illuminated products.


  • Marsa Towers – Marina, Dubai
  • DM – Dubai Municipality
  • Dhow Palace Hotel – Mankhool, Dubai
  • Murooj Rotana - Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Millenium Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Carrefour - Sharjah