An Awning is a light, detachable structure. A skin of fabric, or other relatively flexible material, usually acrylic, canvas, flexface or panaflex and is supported by a frame (fixed or retractable) and offers weather protection.

It acts as a secondary shelter to the exterior areas of a building such as windows or doors or along a sidewalk. An awning is useful for entry points such as the entrance to a hotel. 


  • Awnings can be closed and opened manually as well as through motors.
  • Awnings can be supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Awnings offer limitless design options.
  • Awnings can be installed on a variety of structural supports, including aluminium, steel or iron pipes and sometimes even wood.


  • Energy savings & UV protection

Exterior awnings with fabric windows can reduce interior heat in homes and businesses during periods of direct sunlight. Awning fabric doesn't trap heat and moisture, so an awning can reduce air-conditioning costs.

  • Enhance interior décor

Awnings offer endless possibilities for enhancing the building's decor. They add shape, dimension and color, and can be custom-designed to fit any structure's character and style. 

  • Extend outdoor living

Awnings extend living space and increase the safety and comfort of outdoor activities. A fixed awning creates an elegant, upscale, outdoor space.


Awnings can be used in various places, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial buildings
  • Ice cream carts

The can also be used for informational signage. 


  • Bin Hendi – Deira, Dubai
  • Nandoos – Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai
  • Taaza Chicken Stores– Satwa, Dubai
  • Burberry – Mall of Emirates, Dubai
  • Pizza Hut – Sharjah Corniche
  • KFC – City Centre Dubai & Sharjah