Iron Mongery/ Wrought Iron Letters


Wrought Iron Signs are considered to be austere and timeless and are particularly effective when a simple design scheme is employed. 

Wrought iron is the traditional material of a blacksmith. It resists corrosion far better than modern steel, as shown by the survival of aged wrought ironwork. Wrought iron owes its rust proof properties to its fibrous nature. Ornamental work can be carefully forged to produce a specific design and desired effect. These signs complement antique signage. 


Wrought iron letters can be used in various places, including:

  • Hotels
  • Gates and balconies
  • Directional signage
  • Railings


  • Brewsters– Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Dubai 
  • Madinat Jumeirah – Jumeirah, Dubai 
  • Fotofun Stores– Madinat, Jumeirah Dubai 
  • Gerard Patisserie – Magrudy Mall, Jumeirah Dubai 
  • Gerard Patesserie