Modular Sign Systems


Sign design and placement must concentrate on the goal of providing optimally visible and legible information to the public. Both design and placement should assure that at the first read, and within 2-3 seconds, the viewer is aware of what you consider to be your most important message.

This system is suitable for internal and external uses and comes in standard sizes. Modular sign systems also have the flexibility for panels to be changed or added at a later stage. The text of these signs can be vinyl, screen printed, masked and sprayed, etched or colour filled.


  • Directories
  • Directional 
  • Identification signs
  • Name plates
  • Poster holders
  • Paper hangers


  • Emirates Towers – Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 
  • Madinat Jumeirah Hotel– Jumeirah, Dubai 
  • Sharjah Expo - Sharjah