Multi–prism/Tri-O-Vision Signs


In the history of outdoor advertising, Tri-O-Visions stand out because of the ingenuity and economy of design. This particular medium allows for a greater punch as the advertiser has three chances to get the message across.

Tri-O-Visions are three-face revolving signs, also known as changeable message signs. These signs are powered by induction motors. The display area comprises of a series of triangular aluminium panels, allowing three, different, individual signs to be displayed on each side instead of one.


  • The rotations of Tri-O-Vision signs are programmed for each site, enabling the movement of separate faces so that one whole image is viewed at specified time intervals.
  • This type of sign can be used either for indoor or outdoor purposes.
  • The image is generally made from either digitally printed or vinyl graphics.
  • The visual can be replaced easily, either on site or in our state-of-the-art, climate controlled, vinyl application department, ready for re-installation on site.


  • Tri-O-Vision signs allow up to three different display images per sign.
  • These signs can be used for internal advertising within showrooms to save space.
  • They enable forward and backward sign rotation for fast selection of the desired display face.
  • The frequency of image appearance on the sign can be adjusted according to client requirements.
  • Tri-O-vision signs are more cost-effective thanks to their multi-faced message potential on a single display.


  • Rooftop
  • Shop fronts
  • Unipole
  • Showrooms


  • Damas Stores - Jumeirah, Dubai
  • Western Furniture Stores– Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai & Karama
  • Interiors – Burdubai, Dubai
  • Marlin Furniture Stores– Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Snow White Stores – Rolla, Sharjah
  • Dragon Mart MAll – Al Ain Road, Dubai