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Q: How many Transformers would be required for a particular Neon Signage?

A: Generally the number of Transformers is calculated by the following formula: No. of Transformer = No. of Letters x Height of…

Q: Up to what height of letter is Channelume sign Advisable?

A: The Advisable height of the Channelume letter is upto 4 feet.

Q: Where the Transformers can be placed?

A: Generally Transformers are kept hidden, e.g. false ceiling etc. But in the case of GI Box type metal letter transformers are…

Q: Suggest the Best colour and Location for the Sign?

A: Colour and Location of the sign depends on many factors like Site conditions, Type of sign, Traffic flow etc

Q: What is the function of a chaser in a running Neon Sign?

A: The Function of Chaser is to give the chasing effect for the Neon sign.